Redeployed Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido Ekiti Head of Accounts, Aladesawe  rejects posting …Says new CMD can’t remove him

...Staff allege corruption

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A cold war is presently brewing at the Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido Ekiti (FETHI), in Ekiti State, over the refusal of the former Head of Accounts of the tertiary institution, Mr. Rotimi Aladesawe, to vacate his position for the newly deployed Head of Accounts, Mrs. Toyin Oshode.

The action, which was described by insiders in the institution as “unprecedented and height of impunity” is now putting the Teaching Hospital on the edge.

Mr Aladesawe was among the senior staff that were affected by the changes made by the new Chief Medical Director (CMD) of the institution, Dr Kunle Ajayi.

A staff of the hospital, who identified herself simply as Mrs Jadesola  highlighted series of unprofessional conducts as well as allegations of corruption against Mr. Aladesawe to our reporter in a mail titled; “Committing Atrocities with Impunity.”

Mrs. Jadesola, who described herself as a ‘Concerned Citizen’ and a bonafide staff of FETHI said her petition represented the opinion of stakeholders in the hospital who do not seem to know how to defeat the “cankerworm” that Aladesawe had become.

“I pray you use your news medium to halt what is fast becoming a precarious situation in our centre. There is this man, Rotimi Aladesawe by name; he was appointed the Head of Accounts about seven years ago by Dr. Majekodunmi Ayodele.  You are all aware of how Dr. Majekodunmi ended his career at FETHI, this Chief Accountant is the brain behind the ruins FETHI has become today.

When Majekodunmi ended his tenure leaving behind serious crisis in the hospital, our unions insisted that Aladesawe left with him, he forced his way back to the office and was being guarded in his office by armed security men” for several months before the agitation against him subsided,” Mrs. Jadesola’s petition read.

In the letter, Mrs. Jadesola also accused Aladesawe of high level of corruption and inefficiency.

The letter reads in part, “Most financial transactions carried out under Aladesawe were done without vouchers. He allocated sums higher than his salary to himself on monthly basis as security vote. An Accountant getting security vote, have you ever heard that before?  He tenure as Head of Accounts ran the hospital aground, our pharmacy was left with nothing as he shared proceeds of poorly executed supplies/contracts with suppliers/contractors, he is actually kickback specialist.”

“He has in collaboration with his allies been sitting on our allowances for more than three years now. The new CMD redeployed him from being the Head of Accounts to another assignment to allow for the reorganization of the department and has since made Mrs. Oshode the new Head of Accounts for the hospital but Aladesawe won’t have that, he has locked his office and dared the new accountant to perform her role. He has not been coming to work since January. Instead, he is Abuja writing petitions to the headship of the Ministry of Health to compel the hospital to retain him as Head of Accounts.”

Investigation by our correspondent confirmed some of Mrs. Jadesola’s allegations. A member of staff who spoke with our reporter alleged that Aladesawe did not just ignore the management’s decision to redeploy him, he was said to have given excuses ranging from having children whose bills he has to pay in schools abroad cum having an aged mother at home whom he must take care of as part of reasons for not relinquishing his position.

Another staff who pleaded anonymity described Aladesawe as a callous human being who had made billions of naira off fellow workers by cornering their allowances.

“You don’t know that man; he is a wicked multi-billionare.  What he has made from sitting on our allowances and kickbacks from contractors is in the billions of naira region.  He is a master pretender who lives double faced life. When he’s coming to work, he comes with a rickety green Sienna vehicle, on his way home, he drops that and go home with 2017 model Lexus Jeep.  He should just go, we have had enough of him, I hope he’ll one day have his day in court for defrauding us”, the staff said.

When contacted on phone, Aladesawe said he declined comment, claiming that as a public servant, he could not speak to the press without authorisation.

When probed further,  Mr. Aladesawe said, “I have made my stand known to the Federal Ministry of Health, Abuja in a petition stating what’s happening in the hospital and I am waiting for their verdict. In view of the fact that there is no board presently constituted at FETHI, the ministry stands as our board.

“FETHI is not an autonomous body, I will appreciate if you can call the federal ministry of health to tell them that Rotimi Aladesawe said he has petitioned the Honourable Minister for Health concerning what is happening to him in Ido and get their position on the matter.”

On why he will not relinquish his position without what he sees as the norm in Public Service, Mr. Aladesawe said, “Ask them in Abuja if the CMD has the power to unilaterally arrive at some decisions without recourse to the ministry.  This is my stand,  I am a public servant and I believe there are rules and regulations guiding everyone of us in that institution. If anybody says I am insisting on not relinquishing my position as the Head of Accounts, you are a reporter, find out what the public service rules say, not only from me but from seasoned civil servants.”


When our reporters contacted the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Teaching Hospital, Mr. Bank Akinnuoye, he promised to get back to us on a later date. Mr. Bank said he cannot speak as a public servant without express approval from the CMD who is “presently out of the hospital on official assignment”.

He did not get back to us as press time.

However some staff of the hospital dismissed Mr Aladesawe’s claim that he can not be removed from his position without recourse to Abuja.

One of the staff queried;  “was his matter referred to Abuja before he was made the Head of Accounts back then? If the CMD has said he can’t work with him, must he force himself on the management in spite of his inefficiencies and inadequacies? He worked with Mrs. Ololade Ojo, he worked with Doctors Majekodunmi and Okere as Head of Accounts, is he the only one here? Tell him nothing negative must happen to Mrs. Oshode.  He can continue to run helter-skelter, he’s already defeated.”




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