Amotekun: South East govs only thinking about next elections, says MASSOB

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Amotekun: South East govs only thinking about next elections, says MASSOB

THE Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra said on Saturday that the establishment of Amotekun, a security outfit to protect residents in the South West, was an indication that the region’s governors were wiser than their counterparts in the South-East.

MASSOB said that the South-East governors were only interested in planning for the next elections with nothing to offer the people of the region.

The group’s National Director of Information, Sunday Okereafor, described the setting up of Amotekun as a welcome development, adding that though MASSOB had its security outfit on the ground, the South-East governors never supported it.

Okereafor told Sunday PUNCH in a telephone interview that the attitude of the governors in Igboland would not stop MASSOB from continuing with the struggle for Biafra, maintaining that the South-East governors must begin to learn from their counterparts in the South -West.

“On the Amotekun security outfit in the South-West, MASSOB welcomes it as a good development. MASSOB already has its security.

“We move everyday to watch and protect our environment. The governors of the South-East are not supporting it because they are being used by the Federal Government.

“The Yoruba governors know what they are doing. The governors in the South-East should learn from the governors in the South-West. The South-East governors don’t know what they are doing and the South-West governors have shown they are wiser.

“Our governors are there for their own interest and not for the masses. They are not thinking for Ndigbo; the only group that wants the good of the people is MASSOB. The Igbo governors are only thinking about the next election.

“When the time comes, we will chase them out of the South-East because they are not our people. The South-West governors are there, planning security for their people, while the Igbo governors are only planning for the next election to intimidate our people again and rule them,” he said.

The MASSOB spokesman, however, disagreed with the Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr Chris Ngige, over his (Ngige) claim that the Igbo are marginalised.

Okereafor explained that the bad roads, dilapidated schools, unrealised Second Niger Bridge, among others, were indications that Ndigbo were marginalised by the Federal Government.

He stated, “Ngige is saying that the Igbo are not marginalised in Nigeria. But that is not correct and MASSOB is saying that there is no going back on the Biafra struggle. We are marginalised everywhere. Our roads are bad; our schools are in bad condition.”


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